It’s not just the typical generational strife

A few years ago I became convinced that our generational division was an even greater problem that I previously thought. Initially I thought the frustration between Boomers and Millennials was the typical generational strife but no longer. The growing and growing division is complicating all of our cultural conversations and various types of relationships. We are not listening to each other, we are talking past each other, and I’m witnessing that we’re not even using the same terms the same way. We are operating out of drastically different playbooks and this is hindering us in understanding our shared cultural moment and I fear, will damage our shared future. We’ll need each other across the generations and I am dedicating this season of life in learning, growing, coaching and helping churches and leaders in listening and empowering young leaders towards a healthy and meaningful future – one that we will want to share together.

If you are feeling the generational strife and it’s affecting your team, your church, your organization, and your relationships, let’s connect. You can contact me at and let’s start a conversation.

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